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QDL Cosmetics - CBD Skincare on Amazon, find out more

QDL Cosmetics creams and serums are made with actual CBD from actual Cannabidiol.

And not mere Hempseed oil like the very vast majority of products out there

As many of you will know Cannabis has been legalized for entertainment and medicinal purposes in several American states. Yet, at federal level it remains a prohibited substance.

While CBD has little to no link to Cannabis (other than the plant type giving birth to both) it suffers from censure. This means that we cannot market it like a highly chemical and potentially dangerous face cream from the market leaders. We are restricted in our use of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Online Payment services and much more. Officially it's because of it's link to Cannabis. 

We suspect the actual reason is in fact related to the relative scarcity of supplies for the large industrial concerns who through active lobbying have found an agreement with the American Internet giants for whom  they are -after all, their largest clients.

Amazon (also American!) are however able to host our products and sell them. 

This is the reason you will find our exclusive skincare on Amazon and not anywhere else.

Our professional range is meanwhile still reserved to professional purchases. Ask your beautician for more information.

Aviva Christophe

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