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QDL Cosmetics announces reseller program

New partner program for professional beauty professionals

QDL Cosmetics – a QDL Innovation GmbH brand, today announced opening application for their early bird partner program available to cosmetic studios, beauty institutes, independent professional beauty therapists and dermatology practices.

What is the early bird program?

The early bird partner program is the highest form of commitment we can give the partners who have decided to work with us from the start.

Partners will be recognized with the “Inception Partner” distinction unique to them, along with very tangible benefits:

- Preferential pricing

- Lower shipping conditions

- Protected access to new products with a 3 months lead

“This allows the inception partners to acquire, develop and establish a regular customer base with QDL Cosmetics with maximum confidence and minimum interference “says Alex Christophe, Director for Business Development at QDL Innovation.

The program launches on Sept 1st 2019 and closes on March 30th and is limited to 100 partners.

Full conditions are available on application per email to qdlcosmetics@gmail.com with subject “ Inception Application”

Aviva Christophe, founder of QDL Cosmetics comments:

“I believe in commitment, in the give of give-and-take and long-term relationships. I will be following the applications very closely and I look forward to your success with QDL Cosmetics.

Beauty is inside”