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CBD Skincare and INCI listing - Why it pays to read the small print


CBD (Cannabidiol) vs Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa) - Your skin knows the difference!

But what is the difference in between Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Cannabidiol ?

We come across this blog contribution by the excellent Babe & Beauty and we like it!


Few skincare products include the oh-so expensive CBD or Cannabidiol. It's a) rare as it is purified to extremes for cosmetic use and b) mega expensive. 

But as CBD does not seem to be the object of much regulation yet, it is currently used for any product that contains Hemp Seed oil.

Hemp Seed Oil is a pleasant carrier oil -like olive oil, and will bring wellness benefits to the skin. It will however NOT be an active ingredient, directly or by way of the activation of other ingredients (like Q10 or Hyaluronic acid in our case at QDL Cosmetics).

According to INCI rules all the ingredients of cosmetic products must be listed in order of predominance in the product.

So you bought a product starting with "aqua" (water for the rest of us!) then some thickening agent like "Cetearyl Alcohol", then "cannabis sativa seed oil" then "cannabidiol" (or not!)...

...did you really buy a CBD cream?

Check our QDL Cosmetics INCI ingredients list and be the judge of the difference🧐  

Or check out our infographic on the topic in German: